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is where you will find the best quality list of instrumentals for affordable prices. You can lease the non exclusive or exclusive rights to instrumentals for your projects.

The ultimate music production website for artists and producers. Whether you are looking for high-quality beats, professional mixing and mastering services, or free resources to enhance your music, you have come to the right place.

At Centric Beats, we offer a wide range of beats in different genres and styles, such as R&B, Boom Bap, Trap, Dance, Neo Soul, Hip Hop, Abstract, and Beats With Hooks/Adlibs. You can browse our catalog of beats and listen to previews before you buy. You can also filter the beats by mood, tempo, key, and price.

We have two options for purchasing beats: Non Exclusive Beats and Exclusive Beats. Non Exclusive Beats are cheaper and allow you to use the beat for your personal projects, but you do not own the beat and it can be sold to other customers. Exclusive Beats are more expensive and give you full ownership and rights to the beat, meaning it will not be sold to anyone else. Both options come with stems (individual tracks of the beat) and a license agreement in pdf format that specifies the terms and conditions of use. You can download the wav file, stems, and license agreement instantly after payment.

Centric Beats is more than just a music production website. It is a platform where you can express your creativity, connect with other musicians, and grow your fan base. We are passionate about music and we want to help you achieve your musical goals. So what are you waiting for? Start browsing our beats today and find the perfect one for your next hit song.

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