Artists, Stop Giving Away Your Hard Work

I just wrote a article about giving away free beats, giving away free songs is like giving away free beats to the 5th power. Sometimes i wonder what do artists really want, money or attention. Before this post turns into a rant consider a basic contract for a new artist. The advance that a artist gets from a major record label is for the production of a album. So basically it’s a loan from a bank with a 90% interest rate. If the album doesn’t sell you can actually owe the record company money. Before the artist gets anything from record sales the record company and label have to get paid. And add on more people if you came into the company under another artist.

These days record companies want you to already have a fan base and a brand before they even consider signing you. Having a fan base and a established brand is basically all it takes to generate revenue. Sure being signed to a record label can make you famous but fame and popularity doesn’ t always equals money. So what is the difference between you and a signed artists? It’s definitely not talent or productions. Signed artists already have a network to send you through to see if you are excepted by the buying public. It’s the mystique of being a signed artist. Every single thing they do for you will have to be paid by you with interest added. Promoting a album by giving a few tracks to dj’s, internet radio stations, etc. make since. But flooding the internet with unprofessional sounding music with hopes of being discovered is like playing a 100 million dollar lottery.

There is an endless amount of information for promoting and marketing anything on or off the internet. Google keywords like: viral marketing, email marketing, social media marketing and network marketing. This is the age of do it yourself, be your own boss.