Frequently Asked Questions

Will my video with your beat in it get claimed if i upload it to my youtube channel?

If you get a copyright claim to a video on youtube from Airbit/Centric Beats 2, your claim will be released a.s.a.p. or within 20 hours if you:

purchased an exclusive license after February 2020.
purchased an non exclusive/full license.
The youtube content id program automatically claims videos uploaded on there platform with any audio from

*** If you purchase an exclusive beat prior to Feburary 2020 and your video get a copyright claim contact me.

How Do I Purchase Beats?

1. Click +Add for the beats you wish to order

2. Select a License

3. Click Buy Now to add to the cart.
At this time you can add more beats or press β€˜ Buy Now β€˜ to make your purchase.

4. Wait a few seconds and you will be redirected to PayPal for payment.
All transactions are process through pay pal. You will be ask for your name add email to store your purchases.

5. After you make a purchase you will receive in your email a mp3 and wave file to the instrumental plus a electronically signed downloadable pdf file of the licensing agreement.

If you purchase a premium or exclusive license to a beat you will be sent the track outs/ stems no later 24 hours after the purchase.

What are Track Outs / Stems to Beats?

Track Outs / Stems are all the instruments and sounds that it took to make the beat in single audio files generally used to remix or edit the beat to the artist satisfaction.

**Track Outs / Stems are free with exclusive & premium purchases and will be sent to your email with in 24hrs after purchase.
**You can recieve track outs with non exclusive purchases( premium purchase ).


No: you are purchasing the rights to that recorded audio. Refer to the beat licensing page for more info here.


Free Email Blasts
When you are done with your song with my beat(s) send me a copy with a photo or video and a brief bio.
I will give you a free email blast to my network.
Contact me at : 443-637-2821

Free Social Network Posts
Send me a copy or a link to where your song with my beat is and i will post it on social networks that i am connected to.

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