My New Episode ft. WiFi Yi Tong (preview) -- Pr. Daniel Trim
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WiFi Yi Tong 伊瞳
@wifi-yi-tong   5 months ago
My New Episode

(WiFi Yi Tong: Lyrics, Melody, Vocal)

This is the moment to make my final decision without hesitation,
This is the moment to take my ultimate action without any weapon.

Another struggle of love is over, Another battle of war is closed;
Ups & downs, high & low; Curtain down, that's the whole;
No more play, no more game, no more hurt, no more fool.

If we have to be apart to grow, then it's something we must follow;
U go & let me flow; No broke, no hope;
Let it take care of its own, i wanna be back on the road of my own.

Since u & me realized we're so incompatible, Then we must admit it & stop the horrible;
If u just love "in love" only, cannot stop "in love" poly;
Then it's not something that i can hold it, I'm so so sorry!

To argue with u endlessly is devastating,
It drained our energy, murdered our feeling;
Murdered our feeling!! uuuuuhuhhhhhhh….

We used to be so eager to come close together,
But later it turned sheerly bitter, I'm ur perfect disaster.. (u said);
We used to be awfully joyful, everything looked wonderful,
But later we're detached dreadful, no remedy at all!
U used to tell me i brought u the fountain of tears,
All made of ultra-happiness;
But later u flooded my eyes in tons of tears,
By splitting my heart into pieces!
U split my heart into pieces!!!

I was so sad coz i did care what we had ever shared,
I was so mad coz what u did selfishly white off all the better!
What u did selfishly white off all the better!! ohhhhh….

Don't complain, I'm too bold;
Don't be shocked, I'm out of what u supposed!
Let me flow, i wanna flow, i need to flow away from this deadly blow!
I'm gonna embrace my next new soul, waiting for me out there to glow!!

I'v entered my new episode, this is the start of my new episode, Start!

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