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YouTube's instrumental beat scene thrives on a vibrant community of talented beatmakers. Explore curated playlists for specific genres, uncover hidden gems from up-and-coming producers, and even connect with beatmakers directly for custom creations. With fresh beats uploaded all day everyday, YouTube empowers you to constantly experiment and push your musical boundaries.. So, let's get started!

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Hard East Coast Piano Hip Hop Beat - Truth or Dare | Centric Beats

This hard-hitting East Coast piano hip hop beat is perfect for rappers who...
centricbeats     one month ago  24 views

Cut It Up

Playlisted (Distro Kid)     2 months ago  73 views

[FREE] Old School Melodic Boom Bap Beat "To The Gods" #centricbeats

This soulful beat features dusty drums, smooth basslines, and warm keys,...
centricbeats     2 months ago  63 views

Bad Decisions

Playlisted (Distro Kid)     2 months ago  45 views

Light That Up

Playlisted (Distro Kid)     3 months ago  98 views


centricbeats     3 months ago  81 views

Rainy Sunny Days - Dramatic Hip Hop Beat #CentricBeats

Sunshine peeks through the storm clouds on this emotional banger "Rainy Sunny...
centricbeats     5 months ago  113 views

Same Old Lies - Dramatic R&B Hip Hop Beat #CentricBeats

Unleash your emotions with this powerful Dramatic R&B Hip Hop beat "Same Old...
centricbeats     5 months ago  120 views

This Friday | Melodic Hip Hop Beat | #centricbeats

Cruise into the weekend with "This Friday," a smooth and soulful melodic hip...
centricbeats     5 months ago  122 views

The Night Life - Melodic Hip Hop Beat #CentricBeats

Glide through the city streets with this smooth and captivating Melodic Hip...
centricbeats     5 months ago  144 views

That Old R. Kelly Type Beat | Smooth RnB Hip Hop Instrumental #centricbeats

Looking to capture that classic R. Kelly vibe? This smooth RnB Hip Hop beat...
centricbeats     5 months ago  135 views

The Ether 3 | Lyrical East Coast Boom Bap Beat #centricbeats

Elevate your lyricism with "The Ether 3," a hard-hitting east coast boom bap...
centricbeats     5 months ago  187 views

At The Soul | Melodic Hip Hop & R&B Beat #centricbeats

Dive into a soulful soundscape with "At The Soul," a captivating blend of...
centricbeats     5 months ago  163 views
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