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WiFi Yi Tong 伊瞳
@wifi-yi-tong   4 months ago
Sexy Sensual Electro-pop

One More Love 

(WiFi Yi Tong/伊瞳: lyrics, melody, vocal)

It was a such a late night,

My body told me i need a relax;

In one bed, we're lying side by side,

But you touched me, then you wanted me 100% upright!

Your hands' tricks triggered my moaning pipe,

Our foreplay cracked up in such a good rhyme!

Our bodies just been sizzling hot on fire,

They said "Love me fuck me one more time!"

Your "lick-her"ing injected with one more spice,

My petals're drooling with honey, oh my desire!

Yearned to be stuffed up in wholly & tight,

Churning my entire body from the very inside!

Uuh… Yeh…

Rock&Roll in raw, we're so high!

Upside down, we've got uuh… crashed & wild!

Fly & flow, high & low, no space or time,

How can we stay this way, to say bye-bye?!

Oh, our body! They said "Let's make love one more time!"

Let's make love one more time!

One More Love(Explicit) -- download
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