Looking-in (cover) ft. WiFi Yi Tong (preview)
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WiFi Yi Tong 伊瞳
@wifi-yi-tong   3 months ago

U look at me & see the girl who lives inside the golden world. But don´t believe that´s all the rest to see, u never know the real me. Hmm..

She smiled thru a thousand tears, & harbored adolescent fear; She dreams of all that she can never be, she wades in insecurity & hides herself inside of me.

Don´t say she takes it all for granted, im well aware of all i have; Don't blame that im disenchanted. Oh pls understand.

It seems as though iv always been somebody outside looking in me. Well here i am for all of them to bleed. But they can't take my heart from me, & they can´t bring me to my knees, they´ll never know the real me.

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