Someday She´ll Be Mine (preview) ft. Gemrico, WiFi Yi Tong -- Pr. Wilfredo Rodriguez
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WiFi Yi Tong 伊瞳
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Someday She'll Be Mine

(Lyrics: Wilfredo Rodriguez/Gemrico)

Someday she'll be mine,
If we can see eye to eye,
wouldn't that be real nice,
She's driving me out of my mind!

Wouldn't that be real nice,
This girl is really really fine right,
Everyday it's like noon and night,
Dig it girl I'm already on a plane in flight,
Yeah you know I'm right,
Coz you´re too fine to let go tonight,
You´re a 10 plus but it's a must,
Imma jump on the bus will skip the lust!

No way boy what you think I'm your toy,
For you to enjoy?
You have to work harder than that, son!
I'm a thoroughbred I'm a lots-of-fun,
Hope you´re not looking for a nun!
Coz it's over rover I'm hitting the gas I'm out,
I'm a queen B baby beautiful no doubt!

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