Sell Beats On CentricBeats

💯 No one else if offering you this 💯

Piggyback off of a beat selling system already in place. Seamlessly have your beats integrated on all the audio players, social media profile links and even email lists messaging to get your beats to people looking to buy.

Here is a list of websites you will get exposure on just by having your beats implemented into the system.

Sell Beats On CentricBeats if you don’t already sell beats.

I sold my first beat in a AOL chat room for $200. I had no idea that it would take more than a year for a sale worth $200 or more.

Once upon a time, there were websites all over the net for beatmakers to upload and sell there beats.
Today it seems beats website uses the same model as any of these social media sites.


It’s not a coincidence that you can hardly get organic traffic to your content. Most of your content is buried with mine and unless you pay for ad space you will have to work around the clock to get traffic to your page on their website or your own website.

Just take google search for instance: lookup hip hop beats.

Only 10 websites show per page to begin with.
Out of 292,000,000 search results, The first 2 pages are full of only websites paying for ad space.

Or Airbit, one of if not the best platform to upload your beats to because of it affiliation to youtube, On top of a $20 a month subscription fee you would have to pay $140 dollars a week for one of your beats to be displayed on their front page.

I can go on and on about how every website sway you to sign up to there website to upload your content, then burry your content so you will need to pay for ad space.

Add I’m not hating on them. They don’t force anyone to use their websites. I have been trying to articulate this for years but all I get in return is trolls.

We can work together and build sites for ourselves. 

We can put our resources together and piggyback off of each other instead of competing with each other for exposure with our hard-earned money on their over-saturated websites.


So right now there are two options that you have to sell beats on

  1. Sell your beats at your prices and receive 80% of your profits.
  2. Pay $100 dollars a month and receive 100% of your profits.

Getting started couldn’t be any simpler. But your beats can not be garbage.

First off. You will need a verified pay pal account and a free Airbit account.

In order for your pay pal account to get verified, you will need to connect your bank account.

No Bank Account? No worries.

I use Chime. Chime is a online banking company. Apply with your State Id or Driver License and your social security card.

A free Airbit account is all that is needed to become a co-producer with You will be able to keep track of your sales on your dashboard.

Airbit also has a youtube monetization program. They will collect revenue streams from any video that your beats are in on youtube. You will need to upgrade and apply there.


After your pay pal account is verified and you have signed up to a free account with airbit, sign up to and send me your airtbit’s profile name, email and pay pal email, then we will take it from there.

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