Producers Stop Giving Away Free Beats

Giving away free products or services can be a great way to generate awareness or interest to your business. But the key is to recognize if its truly helping or hurting your bottom line. Anyone can clearly see that selling beats has become oversaturated with great and terrible producers. Don’t let the steep competition influence you to give away your hard work. A internet flooded with free beats just depreciates the value of a instrumental and is taking money out of all of our pockets. A person who is willing to invest in themselves is far more likely to give you producer credits, make videos and purchase tracks from you multiple times.

It is unfortunate but i have heard so many stories from producers about them sending there beats to peoples email then later on hearing there beats in productions without being paid a dime and not even getting any credit for making the beat. Also tag your beats. Read my article on tagging your beats here.

There is a endless amount of information for promoting and marketing anything on or off the internet. Google keywords like: viral marketing, email marketing, social media marketing and network marketing.

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