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Freestyle lyrics are rooted in personal storytelling. It’s a way for rappers to put their thoughts and feelings into words. They do this by talking about what they know and largely ripping off from other artists

Freestyle is a hip hop culture that started as a way for MCs to have fun on the mic. This culture has evolved over time, with people now freestyling on skits, instrumentals, and live performances as well as just at parties

Freestyling is a fun, creative way to show off what you know. Skits are often freestyled by comedians to provide hilarious commentary on current events or topics. Freestyle music is often the best way to learn what someone can do on an instrument, as they have no sheet music to rely on.

Rappers have been using beats to freestyle rapping since the early 1980s. The beats have been sourced from different genres of music, from oldies to trap to even classical music.

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