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Unlike any other platform on the internet. You can earn cash for videos you watch and videos you create and upload as a content creator.

1 By no means will you get rich by watching videos but Hideout TV to me is the last legitimate platform that you can earn cash from just watching videos online.

You actually earn reward points for watching videos in which ads will play before and/or while a video is playing.

You then transfer your points to one of there affiliates for gift cards, cash to PayPal. You can even transfer your points for Cryptocurrencies straight to your Coinbase account or your wallet.

Youtube isn’t the only platform content creators can monetize there videos on. Hideouttv is growing. I am constantly seeing creators on Hideout Tv with 5 times more views then there videos on youtube.
Keep watching for a while like you would if you were watching youtube. make sure you are longed in. You will see your points increase below the video. 50,000 points is $5 usd. Sign up here https://www.rewardxp.com/join/1054620 and transfer your points for cash to your to your paypal or gift cards.

2 With just 75 subscribers you can apply to be a content creator on Hideout TV.

If you already create content for Youtube, Hideout TV can be a great source to earn more revenue and to expand your network. 

Hideout TV is still growing so get onboard now before it becomes such a mountain to climb just to get any veiws.


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