CD Baby Boost: Advanced Music Distribution Solutions

Wednesday December 20 2023, 2:30 AM


CD Baby Boost is an optional add-on service for music distribution that offers an advanced suite of tools, partnerships, and revenue-maximizing solutions. It replaces CD Baby Pro and costs $40 per single or album 1. CD Baby Boost provides the following benefits:

  • Registration with the MLC: CD Baby Boost helps you collect and distribute mechanical royalties whenever your original songs are streamed in the United States. The Mechanical Licensing Collective (The MLC) collects and distributes mechanical royalties and saves time and provides expertise.

  • Sound Exchange royalty collection: CD Baby Boost registers your sound recordings with SoundExchange, the largest neighboring rights organization in the world. This is a crucial step in earning revenue for non-interactive streams, digital and satellite radio spins, and more.

  • Sync licensing: CD Baby’s Sync Licensing team has placed thousands of songs across HBO, Netflix, major TV networks and film studios, ad catalogs, and more. With CDB Boost, you’ll have the opportunity to get placed, reach new listeners, and earn upfront sync fees, performance royalties, or both.

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