If you want to sell beats online here are resources you can use to start today.
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Tuesday November 5 2019, 5:00 PM
If you want to sell beats online here are resources you can use to start today.

To have 100% control of whatever you upload to the internet you will need to own a website domain. 

Any file that you upload to the internet is stored on a database.
Your own computer can host your files or you can use a website hosting company.

There are free plans you can use with a website hosting company that are pretty reliable. To create a more sophisticated website similar to a youtube or facebook, you will need to purchase a subscription.

Here are a few websites that i  use to sell my beats online.


- purchase a private domain.


-is where you upload your beats. They also have a youtube content id program to detect and collect stream revenue for any of your beats in videos uploaded to youtube and in anyone else videos that are uploaded to youtube.


- is a  is free & easy to install browser extension and website that helps grow your channel.
create a account


- is a website hosting provider. Send and receive files to your website. You can also create personalized email addresses and add other domain names.


- is a free web app that connects to your website host and displays your files to your website.

window expression

- is a free web app that you can use to edit your website


- is a web app developer with a large array of apps to edit or create just about anything on the net like images, graphics, visual and audio sound effects, web apps, mobile apps, etc.
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