Fuck all of these social media sites.
Centric Beats
Wednesday September 11 2019, 10:24 PM
Fuck all of these social media sites.


Airbit.com (where i host my beats for sale) is great, but I’ve only had about 6 sales in 6 years through there marketplace. I pay a subscription of 19.99 a month which is very reasonable, but with highest level subscription the only way to be discovered on the site is to buy ad space at the price of 140 dollars for 7 days. Once again, a very reasonable price considering that the site is designed for people who want to buy beats.

But i am so glad that i have seen from the start that I needed to have my own website domains to sell my beats on.

It's amazing to see so many beatmakers online relying on any other website but there own to be there official place to get sales.

At any time, and you already know if you upload to youtube, a website that you don't control can change its policies or algorithm to the point where your content will never be noticed.

You will be competing with everyone else on the site for exposure and at any time they can shadow your content or just ban you from there platform if you are doing anything they don't approve of.

If your bottom line to being on social media is to generate income sites like Facebook, Linkedin, Pinterest, etc. will have you jumping through hoops to noticed by these million and billion users on their websites.

Speaking of Linkedin,

I've had over 18,000 connections on my profile on LinkedIn for CentricBeats.com. They for at least 2 years seemingly periodically blocked my website for ' suspicion of malicious activity '.

Fuck You Linkedin, I made my first sale online on the infamous ' AOL CHAT ' in 2004. Since then I've had the same pay pal account and my own websites with only about 5 dissatisfied customers. To see ' suspicion of malicious activity ' even associated with my brand is a big slap in the face for all the hard work that i have put in.

Don't drink the cool-aid. The only value of any social site is you and your content.

There are great features like paid for streams (video and audio), group mass emailing, profiles that exclusively display your content and so much more that are exclusive to HustlersHustlin.com.

If you want to get involved. Read more about this site in development here.https://hustlershustlin.com/admin/documentation/