beatmakers united
Centric Beats
Wednesday September 11 2019, 10:22 PM
beatmakers united

If there is or could be such a thing as beatmakers united,

We need to unite and get these non-seliing, copycat, no originality, wack-ass beatmakers out of these fb groups constantly giving out free beats to build their email list.

If you been trying to sell beats and haven't made any sales in over a month Quit.

You are screwing up the industry of selling beats online.

The majority of these people that want free beats won't spend a dime with you.

And if you actually get sells im obviously im not talking about you.

If you get sales i ask you to copy and paste this to all of these music groups to get the admins to stop letting these cockblockers post there trash.

In my group, i delete and ban these people. .

I understand everyone is grinding But this is business.