Tag Your Beats

If your goal is to make money with your beats tagging them should be a obvious thing to do. If you are just a hobbyist giving away free beats to see if some one likes it enough to record on it just so it can make you feel good ,

Free Daws for BeatMakers

Free DAWs for BeatMakers in 2020 What is a DAW? A  DAW, (digital audio workstation) is a program on an electronic used for recording, editing, …

Exclusive vs Non-Exclusive Beat Leases

Non-Exclusive License grants to the licensee the right to use the instrumental, but on a non-exclusive basis. That means that the licensor can still sell the same instrumental and they can also allow other licensees to use the same beat.

Melodic Trap Type Beats for Your Next Hip-Hop Track If you’re a fan of trap music, then you have got to take …

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New Beat

Purchase a license to use for profit Non Eclusive License Non Eclusive License Non Exclusive/Stems Lease – Beat License  THIS AGREEMENT, made …