It’s really simple why Airbit is the Best Website For Selling Beats. Airbit is a music distributor and a Youtube MCN. gives you 4 legitimate opportunities to earn money with your beats that you upload to there platform. Sell your beats to rappers and singers on the internet. Seamlessly set up your account to run on autopilot.  With Each upload you can have a beat contract in a pdf file and the track outs/stems available instantly with any purchase.

Below i explain each of the possible ways you can earn revenue through there platform.

1. Marketplace. Your beats can be discovered in their marketplace just by uploading your beats to their platform. Adding information like tempo, mood and tags can increase your chances of your beats getting noticed.

2. Music player. Airbit also has the best music player with the best interface. With a simple html code, you can add a music player on your website and you can even integrate a player into a Facebook page that you control.

You can create playlists for different genres to categories your beats on your own website or to just share a specific list of beats on social media or to your email list. There are also options to add discounts and coupons for all or just some of your beats.

3. Airbit Affiliate Program. Earn a 25% commission on beatmakers that sign up to arbit from your affiliate link. You won’t get rich off their affiliate program but it’s a great introduction into affiliate marketing and to have yet another way to generate revenue. Go here

4. Youtube Content Id Program. Even if your channel isn’t monetized like mine,  Airbit can detect and claim videos with your beats in them that you distributed to there monetization program. They also will claim videos with your beats in them on anyone else channel as well.

In addition to selling beats, you can also upload Sound and Loop Kits and sell them on a  premade storefront provided by Airbit. You can even connect your own domain to the storefront to fully brand it with your name and logo.

Sign up to a free account  ✔ here.

Upload up to 10 beats and receive 100% of the profit for each sale.

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