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Antares Auto-Tune Pro is a professional pitch correction and vocal effects plug-in. It is the industry standard for pitch correction, and is used by musicians, producers, and engineers of all levels.

Auto-Tune Pro is known for its natural-sounding pitch correction, as well as its wide range of creative vocal effects. It can be used to correct subtle pitch imperfections, or to create more dramatic effects such as the "T-Pain" sound.

Auto-Tune Pro also includes a number of features that make it easy to use, such as automatic key detection and real-time pitch correction. It is also compatible with all major DAWs.

Features of Antares Auto-Tune Pro:

  • Natural-sounding pitch correction
  • Wide range of creative vocal effects    
  • Automatic key detection
  • Real-time pitch correction   
  • Compatible with all major DAWs

Benefits of using Antares Auto-Tune Pro:

  • Improve the quality of your vocals
  • Create new and interesting vocal effects
  • Save time in the studio    
  • Create a more professional-sounding mix

Who should use Antares Auto-Tune Pro?

Antares Auto-Tune Pro is a versatile plug-in that can be used by musicians, producers, and engineers of all levels. It is especially useful for vocalists who want to improve the quality of their vocals or create new and interesting vocal effects.

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