• Why Is Marketing So Important?

    By Rick Tavares

    Marketing is an activity whose purpose is to manage the elements that generate value for both a company and the customer. In marketing, the value of a product is the consumer's expectation as to its benefits in relation to the actual amount paid for the product. Just this concept to understand why Marketing is so important to a company.

    Due to so many turbulences and uncertainties, companies are seeking, from Marketing, tools that help them to obtain the necessary resources and achieve the short, medium and long term goals.

    Marketing directs a company so that it is not out of the market as it helps define the company's Mission from the following question: What are we? Why do we exist? What is our role in society?

    Unfortunately many entrepreneurs do not properly plan their business using empirical knowledge to grow the company. They make a serious mistake because only with a marketing plan and with efficient tools will they be able to assess the environment that surrounds them better knowing their prospects and thriving financially. The company that is responsible for developing a marketing plan can test messages to find the one that is most effective in terms of ROI.

    The Marketing applied to a company causes that the entrepreneur faces the reality, causes him to see the challenges (be their competition, the difficulty in finding a qualified workforce... ) that will have to face to reach his objectives.

    When work in this area is well done, the business owner is able to answer questions that begin with the 5W and 2H (Why, Who, Where, When, What, How, How Much).

    The development of Marketing gives a company efficiency, effectiveness because with it, it will have the support and agility necessary for its decision making.

    The right development of Marketing in a company allows it to benefit customers with cost-effective purchases. And the companies themselves benefit because, in addition to their profits, they get important information about their customers so they can personalize their messages.

    Marketing allows the development of an ongoing relationship with the client making it happen at the right time and in the right place.

    Marketing allows a consistency in the image of the brand besides the possibility to leverage good ideas quickly and efficiently.

    For all this, we realize that having Marketing properly deployed in a company is a crucial factor for your success as it frees you from many threats.

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