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    CentricBeats.com is a website in development for its members to build and own their own space and authority on the internet. Your profiles are being designed to look as if it is your own domain. Even with just a guest account, you will have the option to choose a profile with little to no links to anywhere outside of your profile.

    Visualize a website that doesn't hold there users profiles and content for ransom to the millions of users the claim to have. Visualize a website that if a member has there notifications set to receive notifications, they with getting them every time. Your profiles content is under an impression-based system instead of a pay for view or pay per click system.

    On the front in of your profile viewers will only see your content, but on the back in, your content is viewable to everyone that is logged in to the website. Relevant users content from all profiles will be randomly placed in ad-like slots based on its profile category.

    All user content will be listed by its category, genre, created date, rating, plays, and sales.

    Guest accounts are free to everyone. Customize your profile to display the type of media you want to be on your front page.

    One feature unique and free to all members is Group Mailing. This allows you to send all the members of your group a email in one mass mailing.

    Members receive .006 cents per organic play of your audio and/or video uploads. Subscribe to upload more media to your profile and Only organic plays will be credited to your profile balance. Connect your own domain name to your profile to fully take control of your space.