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Tag Your Beats

Tag Your Beats

by, ADMIN Comments June 29, 2014

If your goal is to make money with your beats tagging them should be a obvious thing to do. If you are just a hobbyist giving away free beats to see if some one likes it enough to record on it just so it can make you feel good , kill yourself! LOL. Just kidding. But damn respect the game. That's like being on the block giving away free product to some one that would normally spend money. Sure, you make beats for artists, you got a 9 to 5 and you are just making beats for fun so you are not pressed about making no money off beats. Great so pat yourself on your back because you are just making it harder for producers who are.

If you are trying to make money off of your beats and you have those same beats untagged on the net i assure you that someone has your beats loaded up in there program and is recording vocals to them as you read this article. Or even worst, they have them on a cd and is selling them hand to hand to people in there city. Believe me i have been in studios while people were downloading your beats and not even remembering where they downloaded the beats from. So please tag your beats not for me but for the whole beat selling game.

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