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Earn revenue for your audio and video streams

Earn revenue for your audio and video streams

by, ADMIN Comments July 31, 2017

How getting paid for streams work on

When a viewer streams a uploaded video or listens to a uploaded audio file on your profile you will receive .02 cent.
When a profile has a song for sell fans will only be able to hear 60 seconds of it. Even if a fans purchases a song or beat the profile will still receive .02 cents for the stream.

Imported media does not count as streams

The balance of the streams that has been credited to your profile will be displayed with a money icon above the About section on your profile.

Pay Rate - .02 cent per unique stream

1000 streams = $20 USD
10,000 streams = $200 USD
100,000 streams = $2000 USD
1,000,000 streams = $20000 USD

Pay Out Schedule

May - 15 = January + Feburary + March + April
September 15 = May + June + July + August
January - 15 = September + October + November + December

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