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Get featured on my web series!

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Get featured on my web series!

by, ADMIN Comments June 29, 2014

Hello everyone. I am starting a web series called ' Originality Is A Must '. In this web series i will be critiquing and promoting independent artists, producers, designers, directors and organization's projects and products.

If you are interested in being featured in a episoede simply reply to this email and i wil send you a ivitation to the group or go to the group and request to be added.
After you are in the group post your latest work.
I comment on everything posted in the group.
If i choose your work i will send you a email to confirm the music or music video that will be in the episode.

Thanks for your time.

FaceBook Group: Originality Is A Must .........
Contact me at: 443-637-2821

Artists, Stop Giving Away Your Hard Work

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