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During a milling operation by rice polisher

Monday June 11 2018, 8:44 PM

Modeling of dynamic abrasion in a rice milling operation provides better understanding of the basic phenomenon, and also for design of optimal polishing systems to obtain higher quality-milled rice. During a milling operation by rice polisher, due to abrasion/friction there is an increase in surface temperature of rice grain. As the temperature of rice kernel increases, the grain experiences thermal stress and leads to crack generation. This probably results in reduction in head rice yield. The model developed predicts the temperature rice of the rice grain in an abrasive milling.

Medium grain brown rice was milled in an abrasive polisher. The rise in the bulk temperature was modelled by energy balance, on the basis of abrasion wear theory. The head rice yield was correlated with the final temperature of the grain and was found to decrease steadily with increase in the bulk temperature of the grain. The developed model accurately predicted well the bulk temperature rise in the rice grains with milling time. Energy utilised for milling was found to be about 33%, whereas, about 10% of the energy was utilised to raise the temperature of the grains, and 55–60% of the total energy was utilised in running the machine in idle conditions.

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