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Are Free Beats Really Free

Yes and No

First of all understand that every beatmaker/producer will have there own condition and terms on the free beats they allow people to download for free.

Take my beats for instance, i don't allow people to monetize my beats without the proper license.

At one time original beats on my youtube channel were being claimed by music distributors that artists used to distribute there music.

Some beat makers will permit artists to use there beats for profit. evey BeatMaker has htere own reasons for giving out beats.

Nevertheless giving away free is a great way to build a focused email list of people interested in your work.

I have personally given out beats way back when cassette tapes were still popular.

There are millions of beats online today for artist to download for free.

Here if you want to profit from my any of my beats. Buy a license.

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  1. Charles Wise

    I just love the beat I’m old school beat hard gives vibes..
    I’m a no body not hear to profits or anything just want to tell my story how I feel people to really relate to let’s be honest HIP-HOP not HIP-HOP anymore really old school really keeps it alive today it’s all the same sounds the same you can’t tell who is who lol I just want to use beat please I’m just a father of five a chef that has a past and what my story out there no profit at all so what do I really have to do

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