• How to properly upload your beats for sale

    Add  / upload:

    To add beats go to the 'audio / beats' section on your profile and click on the plus icon

    You will instantly receive 90% for the sale of your beat went it is purchased. Make sure your pay pal email is added to your account for payment.

    In addition to your beat sales you will also receive .03 cents per organic streams on your profile.

    1. Add a  title of your beat.

    2. Add a genre. If a genre you need is not listed let us know.

    3. Select a contract for your beat. Choose from the options Non Exclusive Lease, Exclusive Lease, Premium Lease and OwnerShip. If you are not familiar with beat contracts click on this link here and read the instruction on using my beat contracts.

    4. Paste the contract to the beat you are uploading.

    5. Upload a tagged snippet / sample of your beat for sale. If you don't upload a sample members will not be able to listen to your beat.

    6. Add the Instrumental For Sale without any voice tags.

    7. Add a cover image / picture to your beat.

    8. Write a description to your beat. A good description would be great for social network posting.

    9. Add the price of your beat. If you don't add a price your beat will automatically be available for free.

    10. Click on the options to automatically share to you timeline and the social networks you have connected to your profile.

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