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  • Beats for sale

    Beats are sold by members of the site.

    When uploading beats you will need a untagged mp3 or wave file of a instrumental beat you own full legal rights to, a tagged version and a contract / licensing agreement .

    A 45 sec. sample will be available on everyone's timeline.

  • Uploading beats to your profile.

    Add  / upload:

    1. Add a  title of your beat.
    2. Add a voice Tagged sample of your beat.
    3. Add the Instrumental For Sale without any voice tags.
    4. Add the genre of your beat.
    5. Add a cover image / picture to your beat.
    6. Select the License / Agreement to your beat.
    7. Write or copy and paste the details of your License / Agreement.
    8. Add the price of your beat.

    Right now now all transactions are through paypal so make sure your pay pal email is added to your account.
    If you also sell your beats on send me your embed code to your store and i can set you up with a profile similar to mine.

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